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National PE Institute 2015: Teacher Interviews

Kids pe institute

The 2015 National PE Institute was held at UNC Asheville in North Carolina. It was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Each day had a central theme and a question corresponding to the theme. Alex O’Brien spent his mornings asking participants of the #PEInstitute15 the question of the day. He then complied them into a video that streamed live to the world before the afternoon keynote of that day.

The following videos are the collection of the questions and answers. As the summer months begin to shrink and the new school year approaches, we trust you will find motivation and inspiration in these videos to make this year the best experience for your students. Thank you for being a positive influence for so many young minds!


What is your button?

ron watch

By: Ron Malm

I am losing right now and I do not like it one bit! Many of you know that I cannot stand to lose. I think it is genetic; therefore I feel obligated to blame my mother (JK mom).

Before I tell you what my button is, I need you to think of your button (If you are thinking to yourself, what’s this weirdo talking about, just give me a couple hundred more words).

I believe that everybody is motivated to move. What motivates you? Are you motivated to move because it makes you feel good? Maybe you like the way it makes you look? Do you enjoy being around friends? It is possible that you are motivated to move by all three of those reasons. (Maybe you are motivated by a challenge…understanding my blog post is quite challenging)

I felt that it was my job as a Physical Educator, and now as a Workshop Facilitator to figure out the participants’ button and push it. Why is this so important? Simply put, finding the button allowed me to connect and make the experience meaningful (I applaud you if you are still reading this blog).

It is my opinion that making a connection is what creates the optimal environment for learning. It links the teacher and the learner and produces trust that each is acting in the best interest of each other. This in turn allows the participants to feel safe and if they feel safe they are willing to stretch and grow. Hence, the button has been figured out and pushed (In the event that you are wondering what I am losing at, I am now going to share)!

Recently, my wife and I purchased activity trackers. As soon as we returned home the game was on! Every day the game starts over. Who has the most steps by bedtime? I have gone so far as to go for a run at 9:00pm just so I could beat her, only to find out upon returning that she ran in place the entire time I was gone. Argh! Guess what motivates her?

I will be the first one to tell you that I need to stretch and grow, so I got to go, my activity is low and I don’t want to lose!

Summer Institute 2014 Highlights

Did you attend the 2014 Best Practices Summer Institute? If you did, then you will love taking a walk down memory lane with this highlight video. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you can check out what you missed and make sure you sign up for the 2015 Focused Fitness Summer Institute!

Highline’s Hot August Training

Highline School District, in Washington State, has built up their Quality Physical Education (#QPE) program tremendously in the past three years. This past August, Focused Fitness was there for the last Professional Development before the 2014-15 school year started. It was an amazing training with K-12 teachers learning, collaborating and getting excited for the upcoming year. They have built a curriculum map that all #QPE teachers are responsible for following. This creates articulated student learning as they progress from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Check out the news broadcast and pictures from the ‘Hot August Training!’

20140821_105009 20140821_110009 20140821_110012 20140821_110019 20140821_110027 20140821_082005 20140821_083726 20140821_104320 20140821_104340 20140821_104636

Issaquah School District, Washington

We are proud to be a partner with Issaquah School District! This District that has adopted the Five For Life Curriculum K-5, and is looking to continue the adoption in the years to come.

August 23, 2014 marked an important day in Issaquah Physical Education. On that day, during the training with Focused Fitness, Issaquah elementary teachers voted to take on the responsibility for Health, as well as Physical Education. This decision and transition came naturally, because the Five For Life Curriculum adopted by the K-5 teachers builds Health content directly into Movement and Activities!

The pictures below are from the August 23 training, led by the Focused Fitness Trainer Alex O’Brien. And here is what Alex had to say about the group of Issaquah elementary QPE teachers:

“Quality Physical Education isn’t easy to implement. If it was, everyone would already be doing it. This Issaquah group doesn’t want the easy way out. They want to tackle the challenge that is in front of them and use the Five For Life curriculum to become better teachers. Betterment is an option for all of us every day, but it is a choice that each of us has to make. I’m humbled to be able to work with a group comprised of individuals so willing to get out of their comfort zones and get better. These teachers want what’s best for the kids they teach, and that makes me smile!”

What an incredible group!

20140827_140507 20140827_141123 20140827_142857  20140827_144333 20140827_144340 20140827_144344 20140827_144428 20140827_144436 20140827_150205 20140827_150223 20140827_150232 20140827_152108

Looking Back on Summer Institute 2014

Focused Fitness would like to thank all the participants and presenters for another incredible Summer Institute. Here are some of the pictures of quality physical educators getting better!

20140722_101144 20140722_101126 20140721_141253 1405958386049 20140723_141242 20140723_141232 20140723_141223 20140723_140836 20140723_140830 20140723_140737 20140723_140626 20140723_140526 20140723_140512  20140723_113341 20140723_102809 20140723_102556 20140723_093923 20140723_091309 20140723_091305 20140723_090822 20140723_074739 20140722_214538 20140722_212650 20140722_134130 20140722_134127 20140722_132104 20140722_132044 20140722_131832 20140722_130713 20140722_130710 20140722_130511 20140722_130500 20140722_130143 20140722_125125 20140722_102001 20140722_101757 20140722_101749 20140722_101627 20140722_101556 20140722_101425 20140722_101342

Best Practices Summer Institute is Coming!

Maria Corte with Chuck Mansley

Are you ready to talk with Maria Corte and gain knowledge from the best in the business!?

It is just a click away! Click Here to register for the Best Practices Focused Fitness Summer Institute!