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How bad do you want it?

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I recently asked myself 3 questions as I looked at 2017. What do I want? How do I plan to get what I want? How bad do I want it? These questions are great because they can be used for anything. I chose to apply them to my professional life.

What do I want? This was an easy answer for me and has been for the better part of 2 decades. I want Quality Physical Education (#QPE) for all students. #QPE means a lot of different things to many in the #physed profession, but I don’t think anyone would argue that it should incorporate motor skill development, increase fitness levels, stress social and emotional learning and integrate fitness/health knowledge. I want #QPE for ALL students.

How do I plan to get what I want? Sticking with the script would mean that I will continue to design curriculum materials, work to enhance our software and keep getting on planes to work with educators on #QPE. The problem with this plan is that I don’t have the ability to move our profession forward fast enough and this bothers me. I’ve always struggled with patience. To speed up the process, I have decided to offer WELNET Single School Solution (SSS) FREE to any educator for the second semester of this school year. Every module we have is FREE and available to use. I plan on getting #QPE to ALL students by giving away WELNET for FREE to anyone who believes it could help them meet their objectives.

Click this link to get: WELNET: 21st Century Technology for #QPE 

How bad do I want it? I want #QPE for all students REALLY BAD! This is why all of WELNET is FREE for the next 6 months. I understand money is an issue for PE Teachers, but #QPE should not be about money. It is about providing our youth with the physical, cognitive and emotional skills necessary to not only survive but also to thrive in the 21sr century. I want #QPE for ALL students SO BAD that I am willing to give WELNET away for FREE to all educators.

What do you want? How do you plan on getting what you want? How bad do you want it? If you want what I want, then try out WELNET,  it’s FREE! Your have absolutely nothing to lose and #QPE to gain.

Click this link to get: WELNET: 21st Century Technology for #QPE 

Enjoy 2017!

Ron T. Malm


The QPE Movement


We are looking forward to another great week of professional development around the United States. Focused Fitness Trainers lead customized curriculum, activity, and WELNET trainings from coast to coast. This week you can find us increasing Quality Physical Education (#QPE) in Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.

We are especially looking forward to sharing the Five for Life program with Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) in Connecticut. Their Coordinator of Fitness and Health Education, Chris Wanner, is excited to implement the Five for Life program with her teachers because of its unique integration of movement and academic content. Chris wants to bring the best resources to her teachers so they can then provide their students with the tools necessary to lead a happy, healthy, and active life. CREC showcased this week’s Five for Life training in their PE and Health January Newsletter to let the community know that health and fitness is a top priority!

We have hit the ground running in 2015 and we can’t wait to continue our journey of increasing #QPE across the country. Fitness and Health Academic Content can and should be integrated into Physical Education without compromising activity time. This is important because if a student doesn’t know why they are doing something (like running the mile) then they are not going to be very likely to want to do it on their own. Our job as educators is to supply students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the activities they choose to do. That is why we believe content is king!

“Focused on Fitness” Presentation North Carolina

This is a summary of the Focused Fitness presentation at the 2014 National PE Institute. It was held at the UNC Ashville.