Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

Conference Schedule: 2016-17

Focused Fitness is attending and presenting at the following conferences this year. Please follow the links and register for the conference nearest you! Come join in being a part of Quality Physical Education (#QPE)! We are especially excited for the SHAPE America National Conference in Boston! We can’t wait to see you all there! If you have any additional questions, please leave us a comment or email us directly at

  • SHAPE America 2016                       4.5-9.16                     Minneapolis. MN
  • National PE Institute                 7.25-27.16               Asheville, NC     Handouts
  •  Early Childhood Adapted Physical Education (ECAPE)      6.27-7.1.16                 Harrisonburg, VA
    • Teacher Tested & Kid Approved-Movement Mania (ELF)               6.29                 8:30-10:00   Festival Ballroom A             Handouts
    • Amaze Kids? Nutrition Education Activities for any Age & Ability              6.29       10:30-12:00     Festival Ballroom A            Handouts
    • Brain + Nervous System + Muscles = Motor Skills -> Motor Learning               6.29     3:15-4:45   Festival Lower Drum             Handouts
  •  AZHPE    11.1-4.2016                 Phoenix, AZ
    • Know Your FIVE and Stay ALIVE!          11.2          Rm. 226 ABC          Handouts
    • WELNET – 21st Century Technology in PE       11.3       Rm. 226 ABC       Handouts
    • Workshop – #Physed with Purpose              11.4                TBA                Handouts
  •  VAHPERD    11.11-12.2016                 Richmond, VA
    • WELNET – 21st Century Technology in PE       11.12      Rm. Shenandoah  D  Handouts
  •  Southern District SHAPE    1.9-12.2017                 Baton Rouge, La
    • WELNET – 21st Century Technology in PE       1.11.17      Activity Rm.  Handouts
  •  KAHPERD Winter Workshop 2017    2.15.2017        Emporia State University

    • Total Nonstop Action with Fitness and Nutrition       2.15.17             Handouts
  • West Best Conference    2.1.2017       Seattle, WA

    • Blend Your Way to Fitness       2.1.17             Handouts
  •  NJAHPERD    2.27-28.2017          Long Branch, NJ

    • Nutrition is the Mission          2.28          Rm. Atlantic 2          Handouts
    • It’s All About the Standards       2.28       Rm. Monmouth 1       Handouts
  •  SHAPE America    3.14-18.2017          Boston, MA

    • Ultimate Session for Lifelong Fitness     3.16     Convention Center, 312          Handouts
  • Tennessee Coordinated School Health       5.4.2017       Murfreesboro, TN
    • Teaching, Assessing & Reporting Standards     Rm. Oakleigh C      Handouts

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