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Why we do what we do

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Fitness and health for a lifetime…that’s what Focused Fitness wants for everyone. The following is a quote that our newest district in Los Angles said to our COO Ron Malm. We wanted to share it with you because this is why we do what we do! Happy Monday!

“Thank you so much Ron! It was a pleasure to have you! We are truly fortunate and grateful to you for even thinking outside of the box and creating this curriculum that not only shows the physical aspect of what we can teach to the students we serve but also recognizing what an amazing tool the brain is when applied. You are absolutely right when you say ‘all you need is a window to open the door!’ Hope you had a safe flight. Again thank you and your staff. Talk to you soon.”


A Testament to Washington State

In this short video teachers from across Washington State talk about where physical education has come and how Quality Physical Education (#QPE) is common practice in their districts. To watch the extended Version Click Here (5 Minutes)!

Seattle Public Schools in the news

seattle ps

Seattle Public Schools continues to make strides in Quality Physical Education. Focused Fitness is proud to continue the eight year partnership with the district. We would like to congratulate them, once again, for making the news and supporting healthy, active lifestyles!

The CDC’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) is the foundation for Seattle Public Schools Physical Education policy. The Physical Education Specialists are the core component of their program.They having been tirelessly working as a system to create a sustainable infrastructure and look forward to the future!

Check out the short video by Clicking Here

Mike Akana is the owner and founder of He has had experience working with the Five for Life Program in Caldwell, ID. In this video he describes OTF ( as well as his experience with Focused Fitness. Check out today!

Positive Feedback

We love hearing about our products and services helping students, teachers, and education as a whole…after all, that is what we are all about. Here are a few things that Colorado teachers had to say…

The grant has provided a great opportunity for the physical education teachers of Fremont County. Upgraded equipment, upgraded technology, and getting a chance to share with our peers from other schools has been great.

Focused Fitness provides a great lesson and opportunity to move forward with state requirements, as well as what we have to be accountable for. Five For Life will be a program that I will utilize to supplement my class curriculum and give the students new, beneficial information.

Collaborating is very important to my PE program. Collaboration with my peers and Focused Fitness has been very beneficial this past year.

-Middle School Teacher

This information and new technology is so awesome (WELNET)! I am excited to use it! It helps show that Physical Education is an important component to the development of the whole child. If they (students) are not healthy, they cannot learn as efficiently! Showing academic support through Physical Education is the new way our program will succeed, and Focused Fitness is helping make that happen!

Thank you Focused Fitness!

-High School Teacher