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#SHAPESeattle with Chuck Mansley

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Chuck Mansley attended the SHAPEWA/Best West state conference held in Seattle, WA this past October. At the conference he spoke with Washington Physical Education teachers, administrators, professors, and the SHAPE America President-elect. The enthusiasm and passion they have towards Physical Education and this year’s National Convention & Expo is inspiring. The 2015 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo is going to take place in Seattle, March 17-21. Register today to reserve your spot by Clicking Here.

Check out the the video below and learn more about why you should be in Seattle this March! Remember to use the official hash-tag of the conference #SHAPESeattle on all your social media platforms. Together, let’s shape america!


A Testament to Washington State

In this short video teachers from across Washington State talk about where physical education has come and how Quality Physical Education (#QPE) is common practice in their districts. To watch the extended Version Click Here (5 Minutes)!

Let’s Move! 2014 National Recognition

Yesterday Let’s Move! recognized 698 U.S. schools as 2014 National Award Winners. The award was for creating an active environment in their schools. First Lady Michelle Obama was there and 42 states plus Washington D.C. were included in the 698 schools.

“These schools are paving the way to a new America – one where being active is the norm.” -First Lady Michelle Obama

We hope this motivates you to get out and get active today! Remember, a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity everyday is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests for all school-aged children!

To read the full article Click Here

Set Goals This School Year…SMART Goals

If school hasn’t already started for you, it is right around the corner. It can all be a little overwhelming getting ready for the new school year, but we at Focused Fitness want to remind you to set SMART Goals. Whether you are making educational, personal, or fitness goals, SMART Goal Man is here to help you out. Remember to write down your goals, make both short and long term goals, and always believe in yourself! Here’s to the best school year yet!

JMU Conference

We had a blast at JMU this year! As usual, it was a group of amazingly passionate, and talented educators. From collaborating and sharing ideas as a group, to hanging out with ‘Chris the ROCKSTAR’ from VA Beach, to ‘The Incredibles’ from Fairfax…JMU was one for the record books!

Together we are better The Fairfax Incredibles Chris & Ron


Seattle to Portland in 204 Miles

amy portlandAmy Lutz, Focused Fitness VP of Software, had a weekend for the record books! 204 Miles for Seattle to Portland with her husband Dr. Bob Lutz. Biking is a lifetime activity that is great to do with friends, or by yourself. Amy also took part in developing SHAPE America’s Bicycle Curriculum. What are you doing to stay active this summer?

Maintenance Monday

One of the biggest problems we have as the summer months press on is maintaining a healthy diet. We are out and about, and sometimes convenience takes precedent over healthy choices. Let’s make Maintenance Monday a day to create a new summer habit.

So, what is Maintenance Monday, anyway??

Maintenance Monday is the day for you to plan out your food for the week. Today is cooking day! Go to the store and shop for a healthy eating week! Once you get back from the store, turn on your favorite music and start cooking and creating a healthier you! Don’t be afraid to label things in your fridge either. For example, when you get ready to take a walk downtown on Thursday afternoon you will remember to pack your Tupperware with the sticky note that says “Thursday Lunch.” Now, your walk downtown has turned into a healthy picnic extravaganza!

A well planned diet is one of the easiest ways to stay away from convenient fast food and stay on the path to happy, healthy living!

Stay happy, stay healthy, and always keep that smile on!