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ELF Feeling Good in Your Own Skin


ELF Institute

This year’s ELF institute will take place July 16-17th at Focused Fitness Headquarters. We are excited for the 2014 ‘Bulding Blocks for Early Learning’ ELF Institute and we would love to see you there. Register Today by Clicking Here!

Spokane Public Schools & ELF

Check out the great things that Spokane Public Schools are doing to improve Early Learner Fitness (ELF)!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Focused Fitness had a great time working with some talented young students in Idaho this week. Thank you to Levi, Brooke, Dyllan, Faith, and Mckale for all the fun!

The focus of the video was a play off of the popular AT & T commercials, where we asked young minds about fitness and health concepts. The unscripted answers were amazing!

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Kids on exercise

Active in Anaheim!!

Anaheim City Schools is in their third year of a Physical Education Program (PEP) grant. This is a federal grant awarded to schools to help build fitness, health, and wellness in school districts. Anaheim City has used Focused Fitness programs like ELF and Five For Life to supplement their PE programs. They have ‘traveling PE teachers’ to make sure all kids are learning about fitness, health, and nutrition. They have a great group of teachers making a difference every day. Focused Fitness is proud to call Anaheim City a friend, and partner in the fight for a healthier tomorrow!

You guys are appreciated!!!

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Anaheim City Rules!!

Anaheim City Rules!!