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Personal Health Challenge

Our Employee Fitness Program (EFP) has always been a big part of the Focused Fitness Philosophy. As of this week we are taking it to the next level! Our summer challenge is to increase health and fitness in our employees. One major way we are making this happen is to begin fitness testing and self-tracking starting today! We are calling it the “Personal Health Challenge.”  During EFP today, all participants will be paid (that’s right) to fitness test and record their scores in our own WELNET Software. The tests are going to measure the five components of health-related fitness. They include body fat percentage (body composition) , push-ups (muscular strength), curl-ups (muscular endurance), sit n’ reach (flexibility), and the 3 minute step test (cardiorespiratory endurance). Employees will then get paid again for attending two ‘lunch and learns’ discussing 1) Calorie Needs/Logging and 2) Workout Planning. It doesn’t stop there! For attending 50% of the EFP classes, Focused Fitness cuts another check to its healthy employees. Finally employees that wear a pedometer (tracking their steps) during EFP’s get additional cash as well!

At the end of the day, Focused Fitness understands the benefits of healthy active lifestyles in children and wants the same for their incredible employees!

For more information on our challenge or how you can get information for your own  staff wellness email

Moab Utah from Ron 4


EFP Nature Walk

The Employee Fitness Program (EFP) at Focused Fitness is an extension of our love for movement and health and it is what we believe in. Exercise increases the heart rate, which in turn, increases the amount of oxygenated blood that gets pumped to every living cell in the body. As a result, the brain is able to create stronger connections between neurons and work more efficiently. We are constantly taking input from the staff that work at Focused Fitness on what they would like to see for EFP. This week, because of the nice weather, they wanted a nature walk. 

Well, ask and you shall receive! 

pose Walk

Walk On

Adam Marshall (pictured below) started a step challenge (using pedometers) two weeks ago for the Employee Fitness Program at Focused Fitness Headquarters. Below are some pictures of the staff, and the email Adam sent out to conclude the ‘million step challenge.’

Hey Gang!

Good news….we did it! After today’s count we are officially at 1,031,396 steps. You guys are awesome! Stay tuned for when our extra EFP day is. I would like to make it a fun activity most will enjoy so I’ll be asking.

FYI: I would like everyone to finish today and tomorrow and do 2 things:

  • Get your average from the last 12 days and see if you can beat it both today and tomorrow

  • With our current steps it puts us just under 600 miles walked as a team. Salt Lake City is only 712 miles from here, I think we can make it!

Amy & Ron Chris and Melissa Karen Yulia & Adam


Focused Fitness is dedicated to health and wellness for everybody, including it’s staff. The Employee Fitness Program (EFP) at Focused Fitness is an option to take 30 minutes out of your work day to exercise with your peers. We practice what we preach! This week’s warm up was a grade-school throwback…THE PARACHUTE!

Woo Circus Tent Go To Sleep Wake Up Mouse Trap Bonding in the Middle