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Curriculum Matters!

Erie Newsletter


We have had the privilege of working with Erie Public Schools over the last two years in the implementation of their Carol M. White PEP Grant. We have seen their physical education department make incredible strides towards teaching their students what it means to be physically and health literate. In using the FIVE FOR LIFE® Curriculum, as well as, the FAB 5® Curriculum and WELNET® the district has come to know what it means to educate students in Quality Physical Education (#QPE). We’ve included the latest edition of Erie Public Schools newsletter “Curriculum Matters”. Go to pages 4 and 5 to see how their physical education department has been progressing and how their using Focused Fitness resources in their pursuit of #QPE!

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No Child Left Behind Revised to include PE

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The last update to the Elementary and Secondary Educatoin Act (ESEA) was in 2001. Led by Lamar Alexander & Patty Murray the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committe has begun action on the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015. The Every Child Achieves Act is posed as a overhaul of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Senators Alexander & Murray wrote the legislation with a purpose to give leverage to states and local school districts in determining what accountability systems will work best to improve schools.

The Every Child Achieves Act is comprised of fixing problems with NCLB, as well as keeping successful parts with an overarching goal to end states’ need for waivers from the law. This is great news for physical education! Why? Because one of the key points in the legislation is to include physical education and music as core academic subjects! It is going to take all of our efforts to help Senator Alexander and Murray make this a reality! Take one minute to help support physical education by Clicking Here.

Physical education is decades behind other core subjects in school. The other subjects have more assessments, curricula, resources, and funding than we do. However, we are changing the game every single day! We are better together, so speak out and let your passion for a happy, healthier tomorrow, burn hot today!

The Timing is Erie!


On Monday, January 12th, released a article on Erie School District in Pennsylvania. The article was written by Erica Erwin of, with the focus on fitness (love that word play). After receiving their PEP grant in 2014, Erie adopted the Five for Life curriculum, as well as WELNET software in order to house their data for their PEP project. With their adoption of Focused Fitness products and services they receive comprehensive support in order to help them meet their goals and objectives for their PEP project. We are so proud to work with such a great group of Quality Physical Education (#QPE) Teachers!

Two of our elite trainers are on eastbound planes headed to Erie for a two day activity training using the Five for Life K-12 curriculum. Glenn Eklund and Adam Marshall will spend the next two days working with Erie Physical Educators on integrating academic content into movement activities. After all, if a student doesn’t know why they are exercising, are they going to do it when they are not in physical education class? No, probably not. That is why the #QPE movement is so important! Content is king!

Special thanks to Erica for a great article on a great city in Pennsylvania! Click Here to read the full article by Erica and

Arkansas knows #QPE


After a recent training in Hoxie School District, AR we received some positive feedback and pictures about Focused Fitness trainer Wilson Campbell. Hoxie loved the training and all the tips and tricks to help their quality physical education (#QPE) program continue to grow. One of the games Wilson showed them was put into action in Coach Goodwin’s classroom. The game is a way to teach cardiorespiratory endurance and intensity using tic-tac-toe. We love hearing stories like this that show students learning to move and moving to learn!

hoxie5 hoxie3 hoxie2 hoxie

Student Growth in New York

Building a Quality Physical Education (#QPE) program is a daunting task, to say the least. Sustaining #QPE is equally challenging. Three years ago North Babylon School District (NBSD) in New York received a PEP grant. Through the resources they were able to acquire with the PEP grant funds, K-12 teachers and administrators have logged countless hours of work for the benefit of the students in the NBSD. Part of that work was making the choice to adopt the Five for Life® curriculum K-12, and using WELNET® software. Through the use of the Five for Life® curriculum and professional staff development, QPE teachers have introspectively looked at their program and built a common plan. This plan allows the teachers to work toward the objectives of the state standards as the student master those objectives. WELNET® has housed their student data and as a result, they have been able to show significant gains in MVPA and cognitive development in their #QPE program.
We are proud of how far NBSD has come, and look forward to a bright future with healthy, educated students as the goal!

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Highline’s Hot August Training

Highline School District, in Washington State, has built up their Quality Physical Education (#QPE) program tremendously in the past three years. This past August, Focused Fitness was there for the last Professional Development before the 2014-15 school year started. It was an amazing training with K-12 teachers learning, collaborating and getting excited for the upcoming year. They have built a curriculum map that all #QPE teachers are responsible for following. This creates articulated student learning as they progress from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Check out the news broadcast and pictures from the ‘Hot August Training!’

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Issaquah School District, Washington

We are proud to be a partner with Issaquah School District! This District that has adopted the Five For Life Curriculum K-5, and is looking to continue the adoption in the years to come.

August 23, 2014 marked an important day in Issaquah Physical Education. On that day, during the training with Focused Fitness, Issaquah elementary teachers voted to take on the responsibility for Health, as well as Physical Education. This decision and transition came naturally, because the Five For Life Curriculum adopted by the K-5 teachers builds Health content directly into Movement and Activities!

The pictures below are from the August 23 training, led by the Focused Fitness Trainer Alex O’Brien. And here is what Alex had to say about the group of Issaquah elementary QPE teachers:

“Quality Physical Education isn’t easy to implement. If it was, everyone would already be doing it. This Issaquah group doesn’t want the easy way out. They want to tackle the challenge that is in front of them and use the Five For Life curriculum to become better teachers. Betterment is an option for all of us every day, but it is a choice that each of us has to make. I’m humbled to be able to work with a group comprised of individuals so willing to get out of their comfort zones and get better. These teachers want what’s best for the kids they teach, and that makes me smile!”

What an incredible group!

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