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Oliver the Other Reindeer

Oliver youtube pictureAs the temperature continues to drop it is important we are staying warm. One of our favorite ways to stay warm is by moving our bodies and exercising. Our good friend Oliver the Other Reindeer is here to help us with a few movement activities! Watch the videos below and follow along with Oliver!


Fall is Here!

As the weather begins to cool down it can be difficult to stay active! “It’s too cold to play outside,” so we stay inside and sit around. Turk the Turkey wants to help! Follow along with Turk as he leads you through a 90 second activity break!

Activity Break with Turk the Turkey

We want to make sure that you are finding time to stay active this Fall! To help you do that, Turk the Turkey wants to lead you through an activity break! Take two minutes to engage your body and mind!

Can’t view the video? Try SchoolTube or TeacherTube

Activity Break with Fly

Meet the newest member of our fitness team, Fly McFrog!

Oxygen Breaks

Get ready for the next round of Classroom Activity Breaks with Fly the Frog! Keeping your body moving helps increase the oxygen supply to the brain. With more oxygen getting to the brain, more learning can happen!

Be happy, be healthy, and always keep that smile on!