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Intentional? Webster defines it in the dictionary as this: done in a way that is planned or intended.  We must then look at intended: in your mind as a purpose of a goal.

HealthyHaving good health, according to Webster.  We must then look at health: the condition of being well, free of disease; overall condition of someone’s body; the state of something.

Now all together: intentional healthy heart and healthy lungs is life with goals in mind for your heart and lungs being well! When I think of my organs “free of disease and being well”, my hands get washed more thoroughly, my exercise bouts occur with a higher intensity level and my breaths are much deeper (did you just take a deep breath?).  I have made the choice (well, as often as I can) to remember these steps during my hours, days, weeks and months.  Making these intentional changes physically does in turn affect me emotionally, too.  Do you see the correlation?  When I am healthy, I am happier than if I am “sick”.

In regard to emotional health, we need to be mindful of a healthy brain (pun with “mindful” was intentionalJ).  We need to keep healthy thoughts – free of “disease” thoughts – flowing in the uppermost portion of your body.  This will only occur with intentionality!  You have the choice to think positively or negatively. You have the choice to think with joy and happiness or mad and sad. And, you the choice to think in a way that builds you up or tears you down. What do you choose, most of the time?

What you choose to do with your brain will affect your heart and lungs.  Not surprising, what you choose to do with your heart and lungs will affect your brain. How many times today, this week and this month can you be intentionally healthy?


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