Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

Man and woman lifting weights in gym.

By: Amy Lutz

Experts in the exercise science field consistently say that if you exercise with someone else, you‘re more likely to stick with a program and routine. The reasons for this include motivation by having someone else to keep you accountable, having someone there to push you harder, and just to make your workouts more fun.

I am lucky enough to have the best training partner in the world, my husband, Bob. This past July we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.

Over the last 19 years, we’ve participated in a wide variety of events and activities including triathlons, adventure races, cross country skiing, kayaking, backpacking, bicycling and running. Through all of the miles, he has always been supportive and pushed me to go faster and further (Even when I didn’t want to).

A training partner can make all the difference in just getting out of bed and showing up.  Once you’re there, just having someone else can push you harder.  I’m lucky enough to have my husband as a training partner but over the years I’ve also had teams, clubs and friends that provide the support to get out there.

My training partner has always been very supportive.  Since he is much faster than I am, he often finishes his race and then comes back to find me on the course so we can finish together.  He has been there to pick me up, often quite literally when I have fallen or crashed and bandages me up.

Although people can push you to exercise more, dogs are great motivation too.  We love trail running and hiking with our dogs.  They love the exercise and enjoy being out on the trail.  It’s hard to stay in bed when you have three dogs jumping on you wanting you to get up.

Whatever your situation, working out with a partner provides the extra motivation to exercise.


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