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The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Live from #PHYSedcamp & #DemoSlam

The #PHYSedcamp and the #DemoSlam were incredibly fun and organic experiences for the participants of the National PE Institute in Asheville, NC this past week. If you have time, listen in to here for yourself!


Physedagogy Podcast

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Live from the National PE Institute 2015 #PHYSedcamp & #DemoSlam

Check out all the highlights from the first ever physical education edcamp and listen to what all our demo slam participants showcased in the two minutes before they got slammed and hear their thoughts on being a part of the National PE Institute.

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Technology is old…so what is new?

We understand that technology is continuing to grow. Technology has always been a part of life, education, and progress.

After all, wikipedia defines technology as,

the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, etc. or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, which can be operated by individuals without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things.

in short, making things work is technology.

When technology is talked about today it is often called the, Next Big Thing (NBT). We must embrace the NBT. As Physical Educators we have to be willing to adapt and change, just like a game situation in sports. ‘Old technology’ is the use of the mind and body in a given environment. ‘New technology’ is the application of those ideas into a more complex form…more specifically, a digital form.

What does that mean?

This means, the students that we work with understand technology to be a machine. They understand it to be a device to help them move forward…

We must meet them in the middle. We must help them see how wonderful technology is…outside of their smart phone.

The 2015 National PE Institute has set a stage of technology through social media. The five keynote speakers that are set to present do not reside in Asheville, North Carolina, or the US…that is because technology is amazing! Thanks for bringing them together Artie!

Be humbled by that piece of information, but understand that your students already assume this. The world is digital. It is up to us to make it natural…nature is a great place to start.

Get outside, play, and set an example of the technology of the body and mind.

Monday’s question of the day is this.

What do you want your kids to know about quality physical education? #QPE

Thanks for making a positive difference.

Tapping Into Your Best Resources


By: Adam Marshall

I know a lot of people (including myself), who it seems, are constantly looking for answers. If you are passionate about anything in life you are always trying to know more and improve in that area. How do I make this recipe better? Why don’t my flowers grow here? Where would be a good place to go hiking this weekend? Often, we’ll consult the internet looking for answers on the subject, not really knowing what we’ll find and many times more confused than ever. Occasionally, we’ll look for books or articles on the matter, possibly requiring a fair investment of time searching for the answer. Of course, reading on the subject is an excellent way to acquire knowledge, but finding answers to specific questions isn’t always easy.

If we put this topic in the context of a physical education teacher, we might hear common questions like: What can I do with large class sizes? What are some good classroom management ideas for PE? How can I teach my class about body composition without talking too much? The actor and humorist Will Rogers had a quote saying, “A man can only learn two ways, one by reading and the other by associating with smarter people.” When I hear the phrase “associating with smarter people” the word that comes to mind is collaboration. Not necessarily with someone I deem smarter than myself, but maybe someone who’s “been there done that”. Some of the biggest ah-ha moments I’ve seen are through the collaboration of teachers discussing common questions and problems. Getting a personalized response and being able to discuss the issue with a peer is such a powerful learning experience.

I look at collaboration opportunities being available in three different areas:

  1. In your building – When we get into the daily grind it’s possible you may not see your teaching peers much at all over the course of a week. Try and make regular effort to converse with your coworkers about questions, concerns or successes that you may come across. After all, these people most likely know individual students, classes, parents or certain demographics of your area better than anyone.
  2. Your District, Area or City – Many times a teacher can teach in the same district or city as another teacher and literally never talk to them. I come across this all the time during professional developments, when teachers are meeting for the first time and only live a few miles away. Take the initiative to reach out to others in your area who you think may be an occasional sounding board. Getting a short list of e-mails or phone numbers can be great to fall back on when you are stumped with a problem.
  3. Nationally or Globally – The most obvious way to find answers at this level is social media. If you aren’t signed up for Facebook or Twitter on a professional level, do it now! There are literally thousands of highly respected physical education professionals around the globe ready to share what works for them in the physed realm. Also, if you get an opportunity to attend a regional or national conference don’t let it slide by. These conferences are a great way to meet other physed teachers and exchange contact information.

Take the opportunity to reach out to your peers and you will surely reap the benefits. It’s possible you are sitting on a gold mine worth of information and don’t even know it.

Unstoppable Together

The day after the USA celebrated it’s independence day the USA women’s soccer team won the World Cup. It’s a story for the record books. The above commercial is a great representation, created by Nike, of how important it is to push each other to achieve more. As the summer months continue in full swing we can’t help but look to the horizon and see September, and the start of a new school year. As we move into the 2015-2016 school year we have to do so together. Nike hit the nail on the head in this commercial with it’s message, and it relates to us as health and physical educators.

As an individual teacher we are strong. We want lifelong health and happiness for the students we have the privilege of teaching. We want to provide them with all the essential knowledge to make healthy diet and exercise choices. We want to give them current, relevant information so they have the arsenal needed to become their own nutritionist and personal trainer when they graduate high school. As an individual teacher we have a daunting task.

Together, as a group, a team if you will, of health and physical educators we are, just like Nike said, unstoppable. Working together to share ideas, best practices, and collaborating on how we can get our students the information they need is going to drive health and physical education confidently forward. We are the most important subject and together we can help others see why we are the core of education. We are the most important subject because a physically educated person knows how to prepare their body and minds for learning.

If a student is dehydrated, malnourished, sleep deprived, and sedentary their bodies are not ready to learn. Together we are unstoppable because we can teach our students how to stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep and maintain a body that is regularly active.

As we move through summer, call, tweet, email, and reach out to us. We would love to help you become unstoppable when it comes to teaching health and physical education!