Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

Group Of Children Running In Park

By: Cherie Harrington

Welcome to the month of May!  In my world this means: Cinco de Mayo celebration, Mothers’ Day, parades, birthdays, holiday, hiking, yard work, picnics, kayaking and more J

Speaking of May – the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has dubbed May as the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  They want us to make physical activity part of our life! My opinion of the us? It means everyone between the ages of 2 – 99+ years.

If you are already physically active, I want to ask you how often you change it up. How often do you talk to your students about altering their physical activity? My goal this month is to participate in 2-3 different activities – step out of my box and my “normal exercise environment.”  To you, the social media audience, I commit to complete the following activities prior to June 1st:  pull out- buckle up-cover some distance on my roller blades, experience hitting golf balls and probably chasing quite a few of them down, and get wet with swimming indoors.

My challenge to you – try 2 different activities this month.  Yes, it’s alright if the time you spend being active is something you have participated in, but not for quite some time.  Here are a few options: archery, Frisbee, racquetball, juggling, dancing (ballroom, line, folk or square), boxing, jump rope, yoga, kickball, arm cycling, rock climbing and bicycling.  Please stay safe, but have fun!

Share your experiences in the comments below this entire month. I am super excited to hear how you ensure that May truly is the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.


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