Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

By: Ron Malm

Whatever it is that you do, you do for a reason. I teach because I want to educate others in areas that I believe to be important. The highest calling that I believe exists is one in which we are educating others, and helping them move forward in their life, the right way.

Recently, I was made aware of a very special person in my life that has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). I met John Oakley when I first moved to Spokane. He was like me, an elementary PE teacher. Matter of fact, I took over at his school after he moved to another school. All the students would tell me, “you’re not doing it like Mr. Oakley” or “Mr. Oakley did it this way”. That was just fine with me, since I wanted to be myself and not be like someone else… that is until I got to know Mr. Oakley.

The best way that I can describe the current situation with John is that “life is not fair” and “suck it up, buttercup”. Why these two sayings? Because these sayings encompass how I see John! In all the years that I have known John, I have never heard him complain that “life is not fair”. Instead he simply figures it out and “sucks it up”. If you would like to see for yourself what kind of man John Oakley is, I would ask that you watch the above video he made to share his story.

To be clear, I do want to be doing it like Mr. Oakley, for even now, he continues to show me, and many others how to move forward in life, “the right way”.

Thank you John!


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