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By: Ron T Malm

I am tired! Strangely enough, I am not tired due to my most recent training run of 6,561 miles traveled in the last 7 days or the 5 trainings in 6 days that had me in Maury, TN, North Babylon, NY and Las Vegas, NV. No! I am tired of the deadweight we have in our profession.

Over the last 14 years I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of amazing Physical Education Teachers (#QPE Teachers) around the country and conversely, I have also had the opportunity to work with Physical Education Teachers, that from my perspective should no longer be employed as educators. My ultra critical perspective was created from the hundreds of experiences that I have witnessed during my years of leading staff developments. Like the time that I asked an individual if they were excited to be at the training, only to hear that they were “forced to come,” or the time the “Coach” opened the sports page and proceeded to read it while the training was in full swing, or the time that a participant received a handout, immediately stood up, walked to the front of class and threw it in the garbage. Or more recently, when I heard a teacher say with a straight face and loud enough for all other teachers to hear, “I don’t like kids.”  

Instead of spending valuable time trying to figure out exactly where things went sideways for these Teachers, I would rather turn my attention to the #QPE Teachers, for it is these people that are changing our profession for the better. What is it that separates Quality Physical Educators from the rest? I believe it is their passion and drive to learn and be better tomorrow then they are today. #QPE Teachers hold themselves to the same high standards that they hold their students to every single day. They utilize professional development opportunities to “flip the switch!” They engage in conversations (electronic and live) to brainstorm and build #QPE programs. They believe that they can always provide a better experience for their students.

On second thought, I am not tired. How could I be? We are approaching critical mass within our profession. We have begun to make the deadweight Teachers in our profession uncomfortable. We need to keep pushing the Teachers that no longer have the passion, straight out of education and into an early retirement or a change of career. I believe Physical Education is entering a time where the stakes have never been higher and we need to provide and validate Quality Physical Education. I am confident that the #QPE Teachers that I have worked with over the last 14 years, the ones that I only know through their Twitter handles and the thousands of others that exist around the world are ready. What time is it? GAME TIME!

I sincerely appreciate your time and welcome any feedback.

Ron T. Malm


Comments on: "I AM TIRED" (2)

  1. Good job, Ron! Hear! Hear! Well put!
    Get the mediocre and deadweight teachers out of the system! Their bad attitudes and rude behavior is no doubt seeping into their classrooms and finding students who are already marginal. Those students quickly develop a ‘so what’ attitude. If their teachers don’t care, then why should they? And the cycle continues.

    I believe it is time that bad behavior is called out.

    I recently presented to a business group. One woman refused to engage or even listen politely. She rudely stared at the floor, rolled her eyes, openly yawned, and read text messages. I finely had enough. I stopped my presentation and said, “Tracy, you’re a distraction to me and the rest of the class. You have three options….you may excuse yourself from the remainder of the presentation; you may trade places with me and continue imparting information to the group on my behalf; or you can join the rest of the group and perhaps take away something from this training that will benefit you and your employer.” Her face turned red. She mumbled an apology and began paying attention. After the presentation, I was approached by several people who thanked me for calling her out.

    Employees with ‘so what’ attitudes are not tolerated in the business world. They are fired.
    In the business of educating our children, teachers with bad attitudes should be shown the door.

  2. Thank you so much for being an awesome leader and positive role model for those of us who work with you! Thank you for being a voice for students all around the globe! And, most importantly – thank you for facilitating #QPE all around the U.S.

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