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Kenzi Novell is Miss Washington USA 2015. Last week she came to Focused Fitness Headquarters to talk about how important health and fitness are in her life. Kenzi grew up in  Spokane, WA and went through the Spokane Public Schools system. At a young age she was exposed to the FIVE FOR LIFE® curriculum as she progressed through her K-12 education. Kenzi graduated from Gonzaga University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Promotions.

During Kenzi’s visit to Focused Fitness she sat down with Alex O’Brien and talked about health, fitness, and why having fun is so important to a happy, healthy life. After chatting about health and fitness Kenzi was ready to exercise in the Focused Fitness gym.

Alex expresses the type of person Kenzi is by saying,

It was great to talk and exercise with her because she is energetic and fun to be around. Kenzi is genuine, confident, and humble. I could tell when talking with her that she practices what she preaches…for me, that’s a game changer!

As we edge closer to the Shape America National Convention and Expo in Seattle it is great to have people like Kenzi representing a health and fitness. Check out the interview below and make sure to follow Kenzi on Twitter @RealMissWAusa & @KenziNovell!



Comments on: "Miss Washington USA 2015: Kenzi Novell" (1)

  1. chris said:

    Washington State is very lucky to have someone like Kenzi Novell representing us. It is so important that young girls have someone like her to emulate. It was nice to hear her give credit to her PE teachers.
    I loved watching her jump in and start exercising with Alex. No fear about getting sweaty, messing up her hair, or breaking a nail. She was fearless and competitive! What a treasure she is!

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