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Leading by Example

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By: Alex O’Brien

Growing up my Mom, Dad, family, teachers, and friends would give me advice on what to do, how to do it, and why it should be done a given way. I listened…sometimes, and I still listen today…sometimes. Listening is seemingly easy to do, but executing and applying what I hear can be a bit more daunting. Modeling after what others do is much easier for me. As an example, if my physical education teacher told me how important running was, but I never saw that teacher so much as slowly jog, the idea of how ‘important running’ is might not stick in my head. Similarly, if I’m told to eat healthy by someone finishing their third Red-Bull and bag of Hot Cheetos I might not be caught running to the vegetable isle. In short, monkey see monkey do.

I’ve had the esteemed privilege of knowing Ron Malm (COO of Focused Fitness) for a little over five years. I first met Ron when he was leading professional development training in the Idaho district I was teaching in. I have since got to know him on a much deeper level. From the first time I met Ron I felt an intrinsic need to gain his acceptance. I wanted him to see me as a Quality Physical Education (#QPE) teacher. It was the way he carried himself. He was humble, knowledgeable, relevant, and he lead by example. In working with Ron here at Focused Fitness I have been lucky enough to train across the country with him. Inevitably I have conversations with teachers about Ron’s passion, energy, and his desire to help teachers and students live healthy, active lives.

Last week an email came across my inbox from our head of HR that speaks to exactly what I’ve mentioned above. It is a message from teacher in New York who saw Ron present at a conference she attended. I reached out to the teacher, Colleen Martin, and asked if she would be OK with me sharing her comments. She immediately replied, “You can definitely use that on your social media…and again I can’t say enough about Ron and his passion and enthusiasm!”

Leading by example is what I try to do every day because I know that speaks more than any words can. Ron Malm leads by example and is a beacon of light for #QPE. But, don’t take my word for it; my opinion is probably a little biased anyway. This is what Colleen had to say.

I recently took a workshop with Ron Malm and I have to say that I was truly inspired by his overwhelming passion for the profession of Physical Education and Health. His enthusiasm was contagious and I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to have such a great experience! I would love information on your products. Is there anything you can send so that I may review it with my department with the hopes of purchasing one of your amazing programs? I am not sure if this message will ever get to Ron, but in the event that it does, please let him know that I was inspired by his enthusiasm and passion for our profession.

Today, wherever you are and whatever you are doing I encourage you to lead by example. Be a beaming beacon for what you stand for and believe in. Your words are important and they will be heard, but your actions…your actions can change the world.


Fall is Here!

As the weather begins to cool down it can be difficult to stay active! “It’s too cold to play outside,” so we stay inside and sit around. Turk the Turkey wants to help! Follow along with Turk as he leads you through a 90 second activity break!

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation


Focused Fitness is proud to announce its newest partnership with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation! The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), formed in 2009, is a CEO-led organization whose national, multiyear effort is designed to help reduce obesity—especially childhood obesity. In just five years, HWCF members have already removed 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace, which represents a 78 calorie reduction per person, per day. It is a first-of-its–kind coalition that brings together more than 250 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations. HWCF promotes ways to help people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance—calories in and calories out. It focuses its efforts on two critical areas—families and schools—through its Together Counts™ campaign which is used by over 15 million students across the country.

The Together Counts™ Program offers an incentive program including, Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes. where anyone can enter on behalf of a school to win $30,000 in cash and prizes as well as a new playground. We want you to sign up for a chance to win today! They also have a grant program aimed at Pre-K. It is called the Smart From the Start grant that is awarded to preschools and Head Start Centers that promote healthy habits. The winning preschool is awarded $20,000 as well as a prize pack of books.

HWCF is a great resource for teaching kids about healthy eating and living. All of the Together Counts™ resources are free and open source. Make sure you watch the video below and check out all the HWCF has to offer!

Follow them on twitter @Togethercounts.together counts logo

Activity Break with Turk the Turkey

We want to make sure that you are finding time to stay active this Fall! To help you do that, Turk the Turkey wants to lead you through an activity break! Take two minutes to engage your body and mind!

Can’t view the video? Try SchoolTube or TeacherTube

Are you getting enough sleep?

Andy Horne has made a number of entertaining education-raps. His latest was released to YouTube today and we are excited to share it with you! Sleep deprivation is a big deal, especially when we are trying to gain and retain information. Check out the video and we hope you get a good night’s sleep!