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Cindy Ferek is a Physical Education teacher at Turner Ashby High School, in Bridgewater, Virginia. She is a ball of energy and we love her! Cindy is a SHAPE America Past National High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. She is overwhelmingly respected by her students, parents, administration, and her community. Cindy was recently nominated as a finalist for the Farmers Insurance “Thank a Million Teachers 100, 000 dollar grant! She is planning to build a bike trail around the backside of the High School campus for students and community member to use. This dream has been a 17 year journey for Cindy. She started teaching with and didn’t have bicycles for her students to use. Over the course of 17 years she has received grants, and donations to build a fleet of bikes for her students. Now she needs the trail! She has done all the work to set her community up for success. Now, Cindy, Turner Ashby High School, and the City of Bridgewater need our help. We asked Cindy, who is also a pilot, to give us an airplane analogy about how we can help her in the 30 second video below.

Lastly, mark your calendar for September 30 when Chuck Mansley’s exclusive interview with Cindy Ferek is released!


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  1. jackieoooo said:

    Cindy’s got my vote!

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