Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

We heard a great idea to make nutrition education unavoidable and thought we’d pass it along to you!

We at Focused Fitness offer a set of 144 Nutrition Cards which are laminated, color coded by the USDA food groups and have bright photos of the foods in addition to their nutrition label information. Click Here to check them out.

nutrition card

Charlotte-Macklenburg Schools (Follow them on Twitter @CharMeckSchools) has an amazing project in the works. Led by PEP Grant Manager Jill Johnson, each of their district cafeterias are planning to have a set of our nutrition cards. Their Food Service Managers will post the appropriate Nutrition Card with each of the foods they are serving that day. It helps educate the students by personal experience. The plan is to connect the USDA’s daily healthy, balanced diet concept taught in PE and Health class with the foods served at school…it makes the nutrition information RELEVANT!

Jill said, “It is a process of educating by exposure. The students get to see the food, the food group, and what is in it. Next, they eat the food for lunch. Lastly, they bring that information home with them so the students are actually educating the parents!”

Our Nutrition Cards make it easy for the Food Service Managers to post this information on a regular basis. The whole district is excited for this creative idea to move forward and are on board with educating by exposure!

Ideas like this, leaders like Jill, and Quality Physical Education (#QPE) teachers like the ones you will find in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are what drives our passion here at Focused Fitness!

Remember to stay happy, stay healthy, and always keep that smile on!





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