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“Focused on Fitness” Presentation North Carolina

This is a summary of the Focused Fitness presentation at the 2014 National PE Institute. It was held at the UNC Ashville. 


Set Goals This School Year…SMART Goals

If school hasn’t already started for you, it is right around the corner. It can all be a little overwhelming getting ready for the new school year, but we at Focused Fitness want to remind you to set SMART Goals. Whether you are making educational, personal, or fitness goals, SMART Goal Man is here to help you out. Remember to write down your goals, make both short and long term goals, and always believe in yourself! Here’s to the best school year yet!

Looking Back on Summer Institute 2014

Focused Fitness would like to thank all the participants and presenters for another incredible Summer Institute. Here are some of the pictures of quality physical educators getting better!

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Employee Fitness Program is today at 11:35 am. If you are in the Spokane Valley area we are inviting you to come join for free! Exercise increases activity in the brain and we want to get you in on the action.

EFP fun

Click Here for directions!

Content is King

A Quality Physical Education (#QPE) program is based on four main components. 1. Fitness 2. Motor Skills 3. Social/Emotional Skills 4. Academic Content

Often times the hardest component to integrate into a program is number 4, academic content. In many ways this is the crucial component to a student that will grow into a lifelong mover. Without academic content integrated into a QPE program the students may not understand why they are doing what they are doing, or grasp the long term benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. If a student improves in fitness, motor skills, and developing socially and emotionally during school, that is great…but without a knowledge of fitness components and nutrition they may not know what to do when they get out of school…

To learn more about integrating academic content into your QPE program Click Here or email today.

Be happy, be healthy, and always keep that smile on!

How I Teach: Adam Metcalf


I am very honored to have been featured in the recent “How I Teach” blog from

How I Teach: Adam Metcalf | How I Teach.


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