Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

When you focus on your fitness and plan for the future, things tend to work out alright…

As Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse Yourself.”

Powerful stuff…

We at Focused Fitness believe that betterment is an option, and we are proud to kickoff day two of the Best Practices Summer Institute with a bang! Dr. Martha James-Hassan rocked the keynote today. Shellie Pfohl gave everyone goosebumps in her keynote yesterday. We believe in health and fitness. We is represented by all of you and the pictures below are just a taste of the future of Quality Physical Education (QPE).

IMG_20140721_085615 20140721_141307 20140721_141253 20140721_135706 20140721_140028 20140721_135248 20140721_135213 20140721_132907 20140721_132900 20140721_132311 20140721_132317 20140721_132841 20140721_131251 20140721_105237 20140721_105412 20140721_131243 20140721_105156 20140721_105039 20140721_105005 The Fairfax Incredibles 20140721_104940


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