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As a teacher we all have seen the impact of words and social constructs. When it comes to Quality Physical Education (QPE) there are four crucial components. Intentional fitness, motor skill development, academic content, and social/emotional skills all make up a QPE program. Building social/emotional skills is instrumental in building self-efficacy for the future of each and every student. This is a tall task to say the least. It is a constant struggle because it is a lot like building muscle: Hard work can be ruined in half the time by neglect. Simply put, you can work on something for a very long time and have one or two situations really hurt and affect a student. Making our students feel comfortable in their own skin is a large part of the foundation for lifelong health and fitness.

Always released a video a few days ago. It is one of those videos that really makes you think and pulls on those emotional heart strings that all amazing Physical Educators have. We wanted to share it with all of you for two reasons. First, because this video is a great tool to use in your teaching of the power of words. Second, this stereotyping is real in schools today and we have to be aware of it, to change it. Awareness is half the battle and Focused Fitness is dedicated to making this world a better place through health and fitness. Enjoy your day, smile lots, find time to exercise, and let us know what you think of the video.


Comments on: "#LikeAGirl" (2)

  1. Cherie Harrington said:

    If you are a girl, you always do things “like a girl” and it’s awesome!

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