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Thinking of Health as a Skill

We have shared Taylor Mail’s work before because he is very talented. We are sharing this piece because of its direct correlation to what we do here at Focused Fitness…Health and Fitness. We hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you are happy, healthy, and smiling!



Welcome to Focused Fitness… Smile on, learn more, collaborate often

When you focus on your fitness and plan for the future, things tend to work out alright…

As Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse Yourself.”

Powerful stuff…

We at Focused Fitness believe that betterment is an option, and we are proud to kickoff day two of the Best Practices Summer Institute with a bang! Dr. Martha James-Hassan rocked the keynote today. Shellie Pfohl gave everyone goosebumps in her keynote yesterday. We believe in health and fitness. We is represented by all of you and the pictures below are just a taste of the future of Quality Physical Education (QPE).

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Summer Institute

The 10th Annual Best Practices Summer Institute has officially begun!

Education is the Miracle

Taylor Mali is a teacher, and an inspiration to the profession. He has many wonderful poems but we wanted to share this one with you in the heat of summer. Why? Because as teachers summer is often the time we step out of the classroom (not all of us of course) and live a different life. Sometimes we take on a life of another job or use our time to spend with family, to finish unfinished projects, and maybe, just maybe, some of us even find time for ourselves. Although most don’t need motivation to get back to work and start a new school year,  a poem to inspire can’t hurt. As Mr. Mali puts it, “Education is the miracle and I’m just the worker. I’m a teacher. And that’s what we do.”

Focused Fitness wants to wish you the best this summer, because you deserve it! Thank you for making a brighter tomorrow everyday!


ELF Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

JMU Conference

We had a blast at JMU this year! As usual, it was a group of amazingly passionate, and talented educators. From collaborating and sharing ideas as a group, to hanging out with ‘Chris the ROCKSTAR’ from VA Beach, to ‘The Incredibles’ from Fairfax…JMU was one for the record books!

Together we are better The Fairfax Incredibles Chris & Ron


Seattle to Portland in 204 Miles

amy portlandAmy Lutz, Focused Fitness VP of Software, had a weekend for the record books! 204 Miles for Seattle to Portland with her husband Dr. Bob Lutz. Biking is a lifetime activity that is great to do with friends, or by yourself. Amy also took part in developing SHAPE America’s Bicycle Curriculum. What are you doing to stay active this summer?