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Summertime schedules are upon us and if we are not careful a lazy schedule will settle in as well. Nutrition and eating healthy is a major factor in making sure you maintain or improve your health this summer. The other major factor is getting up and getting fit. Here are 10 fitness tips to make sure that you are proud of yourself when Fall comes back around.
1. Pick a day
Pick one day out of the week and name it something clever that corelates with exercise. Something simple like ‘Muscle Monday’ or ‘Sweat-it-out Sunday’ will motivate you to make fitness the focus for that day each week.
2. Picnics
Making time for a picnic is going to do two things. One, you will plan your meal and often that helps us eat healthier. Two, we normally have to walk to get to our picnic spot. Plan a picnic.
3. Mix it up
We are creatures of habit. Routines can become mindless. Pick a variety of activities and exercises to keep your body guessing, and you smiling!
4. Early Birds & Night Owls
“It’s too hot,” is not an excuse for us this summer. Wake up early and exercise or wait until the sun goes down. Stay out of the heat to stay motivated.
5. Explore
Use the nice weather as a reason to find a trail, go to a park, and explore where you live. A long walk is just as good as a short run.
6. Strength in Numbers
Accountability can be tough when it is only you. But, you wouldn’t let down a friend! Plan times with friends to exercise and be active together.
7. Swim City
Whether it is the plastic pool in your backyard, or the ocean, water is a great motivator for movement. Swimming is great cardiorespirtory endurance. Find a way to splash or swim this summer.
8. It’s a Marathon
It can be easy to get discouraged. Remember, your twitter feed updates much faster than your body does. Be patient and enjoy the ride on the fitness train.
9. Track It & Celebrate
Setting SMART goals help motivate us for success. They can be short-term, long-term, or hopefully both. Take time to write them down. To learn more about SMART Goals, click here
10. Have Fun
Enjoy yourself, smile, and stay active. Workouts can be hard, but if you are not having fun, you are likely going to find a reason to stop. Find at least one activity that is just to make you feel good about moving.

Remember to be happy, be healthy, and always keep that smile on!


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  1. dana oxford said:

    picnic tonight! thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I know this site gives quality dependent posts and additional material, is there any other website which provides such stuff in quality?

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