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“I Love Focused Fitness”

During our last filming session at Focused Fitness Headquarters in Spokane Valley, WA it was hot! As a result, the students wanted to go for a run through the sprinklers. As the students lapped the building we hit record on the camera to capture some smiles! Health, fitness, and keeping that smile on is something we believe in. This video will hopefully motivate you to get up, get outside, and go for a run!


10 Fitness Tips to Success in the Summer

Summertime schedules are upon us and if we are not careful a lazy schedule will settle in as well. Nutrition and eating healthy is a major factor in making sure you maintain or improve your health this summer. The other major factor is getting up and getting fit. Here are 10 fitness tips to make sure that you are proud of yourself when Fall comes back around.
1. Pick a day
Pick one day out of the week and name it something clever that corelates with exercise. Something simple like ‘Muscle Monday’ or ‘Sweat-it-out Sunday’ will motivate you to make fitness the focus for that day each week.
2. Picnics
Making time for a picnic is going to do two things. One, you will plan your meal and often that helps us eat healthier. Two, we normally have to walk to get to our picnic spot. Plan a picnic.
3. Mix it up
We are creatures of habit. Routines can become mindless. Pick a variety of activities and exercises to keep your body guessing, and you smiling!
4. Early Birds & Night Owls
“It’s too hot,” is not an excuse for us this summer. Wake up early and exercise or wait until the sun goes down. Stay out of the heat to stay motivated.
5. Explore
Use the nice weather as a reason to find a trail, go to a park, and explore where you live. A long walk is just as good as a short run.
6. Strength in Numbers
Accountability can be tough when it is only you. But, you wouldn’t let down a friend! Plan times with friends to exercise and be active together.
7. Swim City
Whether it is the plastic pool in your backyard, or the ocean, water is a great motivator for movement. Swimming is great cardiorespirtory endurance. Find a way to splash or swim this summer.
8. It’s a Marathon
It can be easy to get discouraged. Remember, your twitter feed updates much faster than your body does. Be patient and enjoy the ride on the fitness train.
9. Track It & Celebrate
Setting SMART goals help motivate us for success. They can be short-term, long-term, or hopefully both. Take time to write them down. To learn more about SMART Goals, click here
10. Have Fun
Enjoy yourself, smile, and stay active. Workouts can be hard, but if you are not having fun, you are likely going to find a reason to stop. Find at least one activity that is just to make you feel good about moving.

Remember to be happy, be healthy, and always keep that smile on!

CDC New Resource for CSPAP

The CDC has released a new resource that is a framework for a healthier tomorrow! The Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs or CSPAP is running strong across the country. Check out the new resource, Click Here!

Personal Health Challenge

Our Employee Fitness Program (EFP) has always been a big part of the Focused Fitness Philosophy. As of this week we are taking it to the next level! Our summer challenge is to increase health and fitness in our employees. One major way we are making this happen is to begin fitness testing and self-tracking starting today! We are calling it the “Personal Health Challenge.”  During EFP today, all participants will be paid (that’s right) to fitness test and record their scores in our own WELNET Software. The tests are going to measure the five components of health-related fitness. They include body fat percentage (body composition) , push-ups (muscular strength), curl-ups (muscular endurance), sit n’ reach (flexibility), and the 3 minute step test (cardiorespiratory endurance). Employees will then get paid again for attending two ‘lunch and learns’ discussing 1) Calorie Needs/Logging and 2) Workout Planning. It doesn’t stop there! For attending 50% of the EFP classes, Focused Fitness cuts another check to its healthy employees. Finally employees that wear a pedometer (tracking their steps) during EFP’s get additional cash as well!

At the end of the day, Focused Fitness understands the benefits of healthy active lifestyles in children and wants the same for their incredible employees!

For more information on our challenge or how you can get information for your own  staff wellness email

Moab Utah from Ron 4

Educating the Student Body Everyday

The Institute of Medicine, in conjunction with their article Educating the Student Body, has created an infographic to help students get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. In the article they explain the importance of that physical activity has on health and explain that, “Physical activity is also critical to kids’ cognitive development and academic success.” The infographic was created to show students, parents, teachers, and stakeholders how to incorporate movement into a regular day at school. Click Here to check it out!

To read the article in its entirety Click Here!

Parents And Son On Cycle Ride In Park

Pound Fitness Rocked SWD PE Conference

Check out Danielle O’Reilly talking about her top tips for why Pound Fitness might be for you by Clicking Here! We had to chance to catch up with Danielle at the SWD PE Conference last week in Las Vegas and her Pound Fitness session was packed full of teachers and administrators smiling, sweating, and moving to the beat! Danielle is a Physical Educator in Arizona. Her enthusiasm was contagious as we spoke with her about Pound Fitness. Danielle explained that, “For me personally, it is the only workout that combines two of my loves, percussion and functional fitness. For my students, it is a motivator to move that uses cross-brain movements and rhythm. I’ve had the opportunity to teach K-12 using Pound Fitness and it truly is for everybody. Seeing a kid be successful and enjoying movement brings a smile to my face every time!”

See more about Arizona PE by Clicking Here


ELF Institute

This year’s ELF institute will take place July 16-17th at Focused Fitness Headquarters. We are excited for the 2014 ‘Bulding Blocks for Early Learning’ ELF Institute and we would love to see you there. Register Today by Clicking Here!