Physical Education Curriculum & Software #QPE

We love hearing about our products and services helping students, teachers, and education as a whole…after all, that is what we are all about. Here are a few things that Colorado teachers had to say…

The grant has provided a great opportunity for the physical education teachers of Fremont County. Upgraded equipment, upgraded technology, and getting a chance to share with our peers from other schools has been great.

Focused Fitness provides a great lesson and opportunity to move forward with state requirements, as well as what we have to be accountable for. Five For Life will be a program that I will utilize to supplement my class curriculum and give the students new, beneficial information.

Collaborating is very important to my PE program. Collaboration with my peers and Focused Fitness has been very beneficial this past year.

-Middle School Teacher

This information and new technology is so awesome (WELNET)! I am excited to use it! It helps show that Physical Education is an important component to the development of the whole child. If they (students) are not healthy, they cannot learn as efficiently! Showing academic support through Physical Education is the new way our program will succeed, and Focused Fitness is helping make that happen!

Thank you Focused Fitness!

-High School Teacher


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