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Reindeer Bootcamp in Mead School Distict

Mead School District received a PEP grant this year. We are proud to have the privilege of working with them in their journey to build a stronger Physical Education program. They have already begun to implement the Five for Life curriculum into their district and the teachers are excited for the changes.

Ryan Wiser, Prairie View Elementary Physical Education teacher, watched our ‘Reindeer Bootcamp’ video and loved the content. As a result, he wanted to try it with his students. When the road to learning is creative, it makes it fun and easy for everyone! That is exactly what happened when Mr. Wiser setup his own Reindeer Bootcamp!

Stay happy, stay healthy and enjoy the video of Mr. Wiser’s class!


SMART Goals for the New Year

Smart Goal Man wants to help you set goals you can achieve!

Have you exercised today?

“Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes and helps control the percentage of body fat in children and adolescents.”

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Reindeer Bootcamp with Oliver


Family Exercise Break with Oliver!!!


Take a Classroom Activity Break with Oliver!!